Fossil fuels are
ancient history.

But 100 companies still cause 71% of the world's emissions. The future of Earth for young people globally is in danger.

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Stop the companies responsible.

Illustration of oil tanks on Lake Victoria in Kampala, Nigeria

We are the generation who wants a fossil free future.

By 2060, may be underwater because of 25 companies.

Our Goals

End new fossil fuel infrastructure development.

We work to stop the construction of coal, natural gas, and oil projects immediately.

Begin a just transition to renewable energy.

We empower communities to shift from extractive to regenerative power, like water, solar, and wind.

Unite an accessible youth movement, beyond striking.

We encourage community-building, storytelling, arts-based activism, and social media advocacy.

Illustration of windmills in Nawalparasi, Nepal

From Nepal to Nigeria, we asked young people:

How has climate change affected your wellbeing?

Ojo Olawumi

Lagos, Nigeria

Lake Chad is drying up, water scarcity is on the rise, recurring drought has reduced rain-fed crop yield, greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles, waste depots, bush-burning and gas flaring have increased the prevalence of respiratory diseases, the Sahara Desert is encroaching, Fulani Herdsmen and farmers' conflict is untamed. It won't be long before a low-income country like Nigeria is bent on her kneels before the inevitable doom. Climate change has affected my well being."

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Spread Climate Knowledge.

This slide deck includes a section of templates that can be used to spread awareness on climate change and its consequences in order to activate and engage your community. This toolkit contains content to aid in the scientific explanation of climate change, but we recommend the heart of this presentation be narrative based.

Form Local Teams.

This is a step by step guide on how to form teams, set goals, and take action. The toolkit includes strategies and advice on what makes a good team, a starterkit on grassroots activism and methods on how to identify and target stakeholders

Fossil Fuel Background Information

This toolkit covers a lot of the background information on the problem and the campaign. Read this to learn more about the root causes of climate change and how it impacts the global south.

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